Anonyme: what is your name? :)

Camille, and you ?

Anonyme: I waiting to your answer :P hah I just watching TV ;)

Oh, cute :) Okay.

Anonyme: far away... I live in Slovenia :) what are you doing?:)

Oh, yes… I watch a serie, and you ? :)

Anonyme: Two days ago my mum walked in on me in the shower and saw the scars all over my legs... She completely flipped, and I've just been feeling completely sick and embarrassed with myself for the past two days. I've had to explain to my whole family why I did what I did, but it's like, I was over it, and now I'm having to bring it back up again it's just bringing back everything. My mum thinks that I blame her but I just can't face her, and I know that everyone sees me differently now. idek

I know this is hard for you but it’s also hard for her, she doesn’t know why you inflict it. She loves you and she will not you suffer internally as externally. Take this “”opportunity”” to explain the things that hurt you, it probably will help. Don’t include on yourself, it’s bad. Talk to her, she will understand. Keep me informed baby.x

Anonyme: oh... im 18 years old :) where are you from? :)

Oh, okay :) France… and you ?